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The ‘Ginaissance’ is Upon Us – Cheers!

Gin sales have surged lately, especially in England. Mixologists around the world are creating new fun cocktails, with gin as the base spirit, and consumers of all ages are (re)discovering how unique and flavorful gin can be. New gin brands are proliferating, all with juniper as the predominant botanical (one of the requirements for a [...]

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Marc Weisberg, Managing Principal of Soho Investment Partners, Can Improve Your Investment Outcomes

Marc Weisberg, Managing Principal of Soho Investment Partners in New York City, employs an investment strategy reflective of his two-plus decades in the field. While he is attuned to developments in various industries, he is well aware there is always more to learn, that the landscape is ever-changing. While he has contacts in many fields, [...]

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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2019

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2019 On Sunday Sept. 29, I participated in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride where, worldwide, there were over 100,000 riders who raised upwards of $6m for prostate cancer research. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride unites classic and vintage style motorcycle riders all over the world to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer [...]

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Alexa, Tell Me Where You’re Going Next

While there have been occasions where customers have had trust issues with Amazon’s Alexa, virtual assistants like that one (and others) continue to feel the love. There was a 78 percent increase in the number of smart speakers in U.S. homes between December 2017 and December 2018, from 66.7 million to 118.5 million, and Deloitte is projecting worldwide sales [...]

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Televised Sports Remain a Safe Bet

While certain caveats are in order, it is expected that the May 2018 Supreme Court decision legalizing sports gambling will positively impact televised sports -- that it will lead to larger, more engaged audiences for live games, as well as programming and advertising targeted toward those wagering on the competition. The high court voted 6-3 [...]

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What’s Ahead for App Development in 2019

Legendary hockey coach Herb Brooks memorably said that “great moments are born from great opportunity.” When it comes to the immediate future of app development, the inverse is true: Opportunity is born from moments — specifically those that Americans spend on their smartphones. A recent study showed that the average American spends 5.4 hours a dayimmersed in that fashion. [...]

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The Increasing Demand for On-Demand Apps

Uber is one of the most ubiquitous on-demand smartphone apps, and now forward-thinking entrepreneurs are in the process of trying to replicate their successes. The ride-sharing service is widely acknowledged as having kicked off the on-demand phenomenon with its founding in 2009, and since then, things have sped forward. Truly no stone has been left [...]

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Hey Siri, Tell Me What You Will Do Next

“Siri, what does the future hold for you?” “Would you like me to search the internet for that?” Don’t worry, soon Siri should be able to answer this directly. That’s because the digital world is evolving in ways that prioritize efficiency and ease of use. Soon, texting and typing by hand will be obsolete. The [...]

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Businessmen, Like Motorcyclists, Need to be in their Right Mind

Studies show that brain’s right side — i.e., its creative hemisphere — is stimulated by cycling. Does the open road lead to an open mind? That was the conclusion of a 2009 study undertaken by the University of Tokyo, which in seeking to determine how the human brain was affected by motorcycle riding found that a rider’s right hemisphere (i.e., [...]

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