Five Riding Skills You Can Practice Every Ride

"Parking lots, including this truck stop, became my practice areas. On my Versys and then my FZ1, I worked on techniques at slower speeds to fine-tune muscle memory, finding that the small things like foot position make a huge difference." - Gary Klein At age 50, Gary Klein fell in love with motorcycle riding and [...]

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Defensive Driving: Stay Slightly Ahead of Traffic

Nick Ienatsch diving deeper into the best practices when riding your motorcycle in traffic. Riding defensively isn't the only approach you need. "For thirteen years I worked full-time for Petersen Publishing Company and commuted by motorcycle into Hollywood, California, from the San Fernando Valley in what can be described as “insanely heavy traffic.” Though I’m [...]

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A Practice Guide For Braking

In this Ienatsch Tuesday column, Nick gives readers a 13-step guide to practicing the perfect break, because if there is one motorcycle component to master, it's the brakes. "Last week while standing on the Inde Motorsports Ranch asphalt watching riders approach during the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) braking practice session, it occurred to me how [...]

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Motorcycle Situational Awareness, Part 2

"We’ve already noted that motorcycling is very dangerous, and that none of the tactics commonly employed to mitigate the danger have managed to bring the danger level down to anywhere near that of passenger vehicles. However, for some people the enjoyment of motorcycling overshadows the potential for injury. And becoming a better rider seems to [...]

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Motorcycle Situational Awareness, Part 1

Motorcycle safety, education and training author, David Hough, shares his thoughts on situational awareness in two LinkedIn Pulse articles. Read the first article below: "Some motorcycling gurus have suggested that the model for rider training is upside down. That is, we currently squander most of our training resources on new riders, and only a few of [...]

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The Tesla of Motorcycles

"Is there a market in the United States for a high-priced electric superbike? Italian e-moto company Energica thinks so and the maker of the 150 mph Ego sport bike and the supplier of motorcycles for the FIM Moto-e World Cup that launches in 2019 on the MotoGP circuit is expanding marketing and distribution to capture [...]

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Look At The “Big Picture” Scenario While Riding Your Motorcycle

Nick Ienatsch is an American motorcycle racer, writer, and motorcycle riding instructor who writes a weekly blog celebrating the motorcycle life on Read his thoughts on why it's important to look at the "big picture" while riding your motorcycle. "'It’s like cheating,' said Dave, a student at last week’s Champ School. Dave is a racer on a [...]

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Trail Braking For Safety, Speed, And Riding Enjoyment

Nick Ienatsch is an American motorcycle racer, writer, and motorcycle riding instructor who writes a weekly blog celebrating the motorcycle life on After witnessing a nearly catastrophic motorcycle mistake, Nick gives insight on how to avoid making the same error in the future. Click here to read Nick's full blog post on Cycle World.

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