Marc Weisberg
Marc Weisberg

About Marc Weisberg

Throughout his career, Marc Weisberg has engaged in mergers & acquisitions, capital structure architecture, strategic planning, financial analysis and business operations, in both well-established industries and emerging technologies.

Marc Weisberg is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trusted Spirits, LLC, a platform company which develops and markets beverage alcohol brands, all in partnership with highly relevant celebrities who serve as trusted endorsers/influencers for their respective brands. Trusted Spirits is actively involved in product innovation, production, marketing and distribution of its various brands, and retains ownership of the underlying intellectual property for each of them. Trusted Spirits’ initial brand is INDOGGO Gin, which was launched into distribution in September 2020 and developed in partnership with Calvin Broadus, a.k.a. “Snoop Dogg.” INDOGGO Gin is a laid-back California-style gin made with seven botanicals, distilled five times and infused with natural flavors. It is also gluten- and sugar-free.

After graduating from Michigan State University with an Accounting degree, Marc Weisberg moved to Colorado where he practiced as a Certified Public Accountant at the firm now known as KPMG. Later, Weisberg co-founded his own accounting firm, specializing in tax planning and compliance. After six years, Marc moved to Daniels & Associates where he learned the essentials of investment banking, primarily in the cable television industry. Weisberg then established his own advisory firm, gaining expertise in the telecom, media and technology (TMT) industries. After nine years with his own advisory firm, Weisberg moved into corporate development, consummating over $50 billion in transactions as Executive Vice President of a major telecommunications company.

In 2002, Marc Weisberg pursued his own investments, while also providing advisory services to the TMT sector. In 2009, Weisberg was engaged to provide advisory services to Liberty Media, a company with a broad portfolio of media and entertainment businesses. At Liberty, Weisberg orchestrated the sale of the company’s CBS television stations, acquired a geolocation business for a Liberty subsidiary, and provided strategic and operational assistance for other Liberty affiliates.

After relocating to New York City in 2013, Marc partnered to acquire Source Media, a company which owns thirteen widely-recognized media brands. Weisberg successfully exited this venture in 2017, at which time he co-founded Trusted Spirits, LLC.