Marc Weisberg
Marc Weisberg

About Marc Weisberg

With passion, perspective, experience and perseverance, Marc Weisberg has created a successful and diverse career, participating in well-established sectors with strong financial fundamentals, as well as various emerging industries, disruptive and otherwise. Honing his proficiency in strategic planning, financial analysis, capital structure architecture, and transactional dynamics, Marc has made a name for himself as an expert businessman, advisor and investor.

Born and raised in Michigan, Marc Weisberg graduated with a degree in Accounting from Michigan State University. After moving to Colorado to work for the company now known as KPMG, he co-founded an accounting firm which specialized in tax planning and compliance. After six years as a CPA, Marc went to Daniels & Associates, learning the essentials of investment banking, primarily in the cable television industry, from experienced industry veterans. Marc then established his own advisory firm, gaining sector and transactional expertise in the telecom, media and technology (TMT) industries. Expanding his horizons into corporate development and venture capital investing, he leveraged his skills to become Executive Vice President of a major telecommunications company where he consummated in excess of $50 billion in transactions.

In 2002, Weisberg was active in pursuing his own investments, while also providing advisory services to the TMT sector. By 2009, he began providing advisory services to Liberty Media, a company with a broad range of media, communications and entertainment businesses. Among his accomplishments at Liberty Media, he orchestrated the sale of Liberty-owned CBS television stations, and facilitated the acquisition of a proprietary global geolocation business for a Liberty-owned subsidiary. Weisberg also provided operational assistance and strategic planning for certain wholly owned affiliates of Liberty Media.

In 2013, Marc Weisberg relocated to New York City with his family and later partnered to purchase Source Media, a company which owns thirteen long-established media brands, including American Banker and Bond Buyer. During his ownership tenure, Weisberg also served on the Source Media board of directors. Having since exited the investment, Weisberg is now focusing on a variety of investments in TMT, energy and emerging technologies, as Managing Principal of Soho Investment Partners. Soho’s current portfolio includes investments in cyber security, oil & gas, app development and distilled spirits.

Throughout each new venture, Marc Weisberg never forgets three guiding principles: respect for those individuals who have helped support and educate him, passion for learning new industries which enable him to pursue a diverse investment portfolio, and an enduring appreciation for experiences gained through every interaction.

In his spare time, Weisberg enjoys spending quality time with his family, collecting contemporary art and riding motorcycles.